"If you search for knowledge, you might find it here"

Dariusz Gross



Academy of Fine Arts Krakow

Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk

Kunstakademie Dusseldorf


Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Montreal Canada

the Founding Member New York based - the Top 25 AI Artists of 2019

machine learnig ART AI’s impact on art, culture and society


2023 State of the AI Art


2021 Mój ojciec   "Dear son" - NFT / GPT 3 

2021 HIC et NUNC

2020 #WimieOJCA


2014-2019 #machinelearning and 3D generative networks in VR/AR

2012-2019 #next_top_architects

 1992-2010 Guardian Angel

2006 HERE I AM

2005 ART garage Opole

2005 ONE-armed bandit II

2004 DATAsculpting opole at night

2004 breath I

2004 XIV international sculpture biennial DATAsculpting Poznan

DATAsculpting  produkt 99

1997 Inter multi Medialne Akcje Bunkier Sztuki Krakow

1996 project "risky player " CASINO GRAND HOTEL DATAsculpting Sopot

1996 Sopockie Forum Sztuki Wspolczesnej Gazownia

1995 stay Mongolia , China

1993 mirror reflection Gdansk

1993 ONE-armed bandit KA Dusseldorf

1992 project "Abendmahl" KA Dusseldorf

1992 project "new-bornchild's dream" Opole

1991 exhibition in Kurt Keller's studio Nurnberg

1990 project "this I am , your woman" ASP Krakow

this I am, your man

this I am, your man II

this I am, your woman II


column Gdansk

hypnosis Opole